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R. Hodgkison, S. T. Balding, A. Zubaid, and T. H. Kunz. 2004. Habitat structure, wing morphology, and the vertical stratification of Malaysian fruit bats (Megachiroptera: Pteropodidae). Journal of Tropical Ecology 20(6):667-673 [ER 563]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2014-05-08
Samples: none
Size measurements: Balionycteris maculata (body mass 13.4 g), Chironax melanocephalus (body mass 18.4 g), Cynopterus brachyotis (body mass 27.9 g), Cynopterus horsfieldi (body mass 55.6 g), Dyacopterus spadiceus (body mass 75.7 g), Eonycteris spelaea (body mass 53.9 g), Megaerops ecaudatus (body mass 23.4 g), Rousettus amplexicaudatus (body mass 67.5 g)