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A. Estrada, R. Coates-Estrada, and D. Meritt Jr. 1993. Bat species richness and abundance in tropical rain forest fragments and in agricultural habitats at Los Tuxtlas, Mexico. Ecography 16(4):309-318 [ER 451]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2014-04-16
Samples: Los Tuxtlas (cocoa plantation, 1990 - 1992), Los Tuxtlas (forest, 1990 - 1992)
Size measurements: Antrozous dubiaquercus (body mass 20 g), Artibeus hartii (body mass 13 g), Artibeus jamaicensis (body mass 47 g), Artibeus lituratus (body mass 62 g), Artibeus phaeotis (body mass 13 g), Artibeus toltecus (body mass 17 g), Artibeus watsoni (body mass 14 g), Carollia brevicauda (body mass 18 g), Carollia perspicillata (body mass 20 g), Centurio senex (body mass 20 g), Chiroderma villosum (body mass 30 g), Choeroniscus godmani (body mass 10 g), Desmodus rotundus (body mass 35 g), Diclidurus virgo (body mass 19 g), Glossophaga soricina (body mass 11 g), Hylonycteris underwoodi (body mass 9 g), Leptonycteris sanborni (body mass 32 g), Micronycteris brachyotis (body mass 8 g), Micronycteris megalotis (body mass 11 g), Mimon bennettii (body mass 32 g), Mormoops megalophylla (body mass 15 g), Myotis keaysi (body mass 5 g), Natalus stramineus (body mass 7 g), Phyllostomus discolor (body mass 38 g), Pteronotus davyi (body mass 8 g), Pteronotus parnelli (body mass 19 g), Saccopteryx bilineata (body mass 7 g), Sturnira lilium (body mass 19 g), Sturnira ludovici (body mass 25 g), Thyroptera tricolor (body mass 4 g), Uroderma bilobatum (body mass 20 g), Vampyressa pusilla (body mass 10 g), Vampyrodes major (body mass 34 g), Vampyrops helleri (body mass 20 g), Vampyrum spectrum (body mass 170 g)