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C. Richard-Hansen, J.-C. Vié, N. Vidal, and J. Kéravec. 1999. Body measurements on 40 species of mammals from French Guiana. Journal of Zoology 247:419-428 [ER 2669]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2018-02-03
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Size measurements: Alouatta seniculus (body mass 6760 g), Alouatta seniculus (head and body length 581 mm), Alouatta seniculus (tail length 655 mm), Alouatta seniculus (hind foot length 150 mm), Alouatta seniculus (ear length 38 mm), Bradypus tridactylus (body mass 4620 g), Bradypus tridactylus (head and body length 548 mm), Bradypus tridactylus (tail length 59 mm), Bradypus tridactylus (hind foot length 91 mm), Bradypus tridactylus (ear length 13 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (body mass 3060 g), Cabassous unicinctus (head and body length 420 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (tail length 185 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (hind foot length 72 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (ear length 38 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (body mass 3820 g), Cabassous unicinctus (head and body length 490 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (tail length 200 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (hind foot length 73 mm), Cabassous unicinctus (ear length 45 mm), Caluromys philander (head and body length 265 mm), Caluromys philander (body mass 330 g), Caluromys philander (tail length 394 mm), Caluromys philander (hind foot length 37 mm), Caluromys philander (ear length 32 mm), Choloepus didactylus (body mass 7890 g), Choloepus didactylus (head and body length 700 mm), Choloepus didactylus (tail length 13 mm), Choloepus didactylus (hind foot length 122 mm), Choloepus didactylus (ear length 27 mm), Coendou melanurus (body mass 1900 g), Coendou melanurus (head and body length 400 mm), Coendou melanurus (tail length 408 mm), Coendou melanurus (hind foot length 68 mm), Coendou melanurus (ear length 24 mm), Coendou prehensilis (body mass 3600 g), Coendou prehensilis (head and body length 469 mm), Coendou prehensilis (tail length 469 mm), Coendou prehensilis (hind foot length 87 mm), Coendou prehensilis (ear length 27 mm), Cuniculus paca (body mass 7500 g), Cuniculus paca (head and body length 649 mm), Cuniculus paca (tail length 16 mm), Cuniculus paca (hind foot length 112 mm), Cuniculus paca (ear length 47 mm), Cyclopes didactylus (body mass 180 g), Cyclopes didactylus (head and body length 180 mm), Cyclopes didactylus (tail length 195 mm), Cyclopes didactylus (hind foot length 35 mm), Cyclopes didactylus (ear length 8 mm), Dasyprocta leporina (body mass 4370 g), Dasyprocta leporina (head and body length 574 mm), Dasyprocta leporina (tail length 25 mm), Dasyprocta leporina (hind foot length 141 mm), Dasyprocta leporina (ear length 44 mm), Dasypus kappleri (body mass 9910 g), Dasypus kappleri (head and body length 557 mm), Dasypus kappleri (tail length 400 mm), Dasypus kappleri (hind foot length 120 mm), Dasypus kappleri (ear length 54 mm), Dasypus novemcinctus (body mass 5030 g), Dasypus novemcinctus (head and body length 460 mm), Dasypus novemcinctus (tail length 382 mm), Dasypus novemcinctus (hind foot length 98 mm), Dasypus novemcinctus (ear length 52 mm), Didelphis albiventris (body mass 770 g), Didelphis albiventris (head and body length 334 mm), Didelphis albiventris (tail length 380 mm), Didelphis albiventris (hind foot length 49 mm), Didelphis albiventris (ear length 51 mm), Didelphis marsupialis (body mass 1080 g), Didelphis marsupialis (head and body length 371 mm), Didelphis marsupialis (tail length 395 mm), Didelphis marsupialis (hind foot length 57 mm), Didelphis marsupialis (ear length 51 mm), Echimys chrysurus (body mass 610 g), Echimys chrysurus (head and body length 297 mm), Echimys chrysurus (tail length 351 mm), Echimys chrysurus (hind foot length 49 mm), Echimys chrysurus (ear length 19 mm), Eira barbara (body mass 3750 g), Eira barbara (head and body length 609 mm), Eira barbara (tail length 408 mm), Eira barbara (hind foot length 103 mm), Eira barbara (ear length 37 mm), Herpailurus yagouaroundi (body mass 8240 g), Herpailurus yagouaroundi (head and body length 760 mm), Herpailurus yagouaroundi (tail length 520 mm), Herpailurus yagouaroundi (hind foot length 170 mm), Herpailurus yagouaroundi (ear length 48 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (body mass 260 g), Isothrix sinnamariensis (head and body length 212 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (tail length 26 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (hind foot length 39 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (ear length 14 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (body mass 300 g), Isothrix sinnamariensis (head and body length 215 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (tail length 26 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (hind foot length 42 mm), Isothrix sinnamariensis (ear length 16 mm), Leopardus pardalis (body mass 7800 g), Leopardus pardalis (head and body length 720 mm), Leopardus pardalis (tail length 350 mm), Leopardus pardalis (hind foot length 155 mm), Leopardus pardalis (ear length 65 mm), Leopardus pardalis (body mass 11200 g), Leopardus pardalis (head and body length 795 mm), Leopardus pardalis (tail length 390 mm), Leopardus pardalis (hind foot length 160 mm), Leopardus pardalis (ear length 75 mm), Leopardus wiedii (body mass 3260 g), Leopardus wiedii (head and body length 570 mm), Leopardus wiedii (tail length 430 mm), Leopardus wiedii (hind foot length 117 mm), Leopardus wiedii (ear length 53 mm), Makalata didelphoides (body mass 280 g), Makalata didelphoides (head and body length 227 mm), Makalata didelphoides (tail length 216 mm), Makalata didelphoides (hind foot length 38 mm), Makalata didelphoides (ear length 16 mm), Marmosa demerarae (body mass 100 g), Marmosa demerarae (head and body length 165 mm), Marmosa demerarae (tail length 275 mm), Marmosa demerarae (hind foot length 24 mm), Marmosa demerarae (ear length 26 mm), Mazama americana (body mass 44000 g), Mazama americana (tail length 140 mm), Mazama americana (hind foot length 350 mm), Mazama americana (ear length 110 mm), Mazama gouazoubira (body mass 14270 g), Mazama gouazoubira (head and body length 921 mm), Mazama gouazoubira (tail length 93 mm), Mazama gouazoubira (hind foot length 261 mm), Mazama gouazoubira (ear length 97 mm), Metachirus nudicaudatus (body mass 460 g), Metachirus nudicaudatus (head and body length 275 mm), Metachirus nudicaudatus (tail length 345 mm), Metachirus nudicaudatus (hind foot length 46 mm), Metachirus nudicaudatus (ear length 35 mm), Myoprocta acouchy (body mass 960 g), Myoprocta acouchy (head and body length 364 mm), Myoprocta acouchy (tail length 64 mm), Myoprocta acouchy (hind foot length 91 mm), Myoprocta acouchy (ear length 31 mm), Nasua nasua (body mass 2410 g), Nasua nasua (head and body length 495 mm), Nasua nasua (tail length 430 mm), Nasua nasua (hind foot length 87 mm), Nasua nasua (ear length 35 mm), Nasua nasua (body mass 3800 g), Nasua nasua (head and body length 540 mm), Nasua nasua (tail length 470 mm), Nasua nasua (hind foot length 90 mm), Nasua nasua (ear length 47 mm), Panthera onca (body mass 70000 g), Panthera onca (head and body length 1310 mm), Panthera onca (tail length 620 mm), Panthera onca (hind foot length 250 mm), Panthera onca (ear length 82 mm), Pecari tajacu (body mass 18400 g), Pecari tajacu (head and body length 892 mm), Pecari tajacu (tail length 34 mm), Pecari tajacu (hind foot length 187 mm), Pecari tajacu (ear length 93 mm), Philander opossum (body mass 520 g), Philander opossum (head and body length 291 mm), Philander opossum (tail length 308 mm), Philander opossum (hind foot length 42 mm), Philander opossum (ear length 35 mm), Pithecia pithecia (body mass 1530 g), Pithecia pithecia (head and body length 364 mm), Pithecia pithecia (tail length 387 mm), Pithecia pithecia (hind foot length 116 mm), Pithecia pithecia (ear length 30 mm), Potos flavus (body mass 1760 g), Potos flavus (head and body length 427 mm), Potos flavus (tail length 486 mm), Potos flavus (hind foot length 87 mm), Potos flavus (ear length 37 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (body mass 4040 g), Procyon cancrivorus (head and body length 600 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (tail length 307 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (hind foot length 98 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (ear length 43 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (body mass 7560 g), Procyon cancrivorus (head and body length 615 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (tail length 320 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (hind foot length 145 mm), Procyon cancrivorus (ear length 53 mm), Saguinus midas (body mass 500 g), Saguinus midas (head and body length 265 mm), Saguinus midas (tail length 434 mm), Saguinus midas (hind foot length 72 mm), Saguinus midas (ear length 30 mm), Sciurillus pusillus (body mass 30 g), Sciurillus pusillus (head and body length 110 mm), Sciurillus pusillus (tail length 145 mm), Sciurillus pusillus (hind foot length 29 mm), Sciurillus pusillus (ear length 12 mm), Sciurus aestuans (body mass 170 g), Sciurus aestuans (head and body length 172 mm), Sciurus aestuans (tail length 192 mm), Sciurus aestuans (hind foot length 46 mm), Sciurus aestuans (ear length 19 mm), Speothos venaticus (head and body length 600 mm), Speothos venaticus (tail length 130 mm), Speothos venaticus (hind foot length 101 mm), Speothos venaticus (ear length 44 mm), Tamandua tetradactyla (body mass 4800 g), Tamandua tetradactyla (head and body length 561 mm), Tamandua tetradactyla (tail length 569 mm), Tamandua tetradactyla (hind foot length 96 mm), Tamandua tetradactyla (ear length 53 mm)