Full citation
O. Thomas. 1914. Four new Small Mammals from Venezuela. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 14:410-414 [ER 1580]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2015-12-09
Samples: none
Size measurements: Platyrrhinus umbratus (forearm length 47 mm), Platyrrhinus umbratus (head and body length 72 mm), Platyrrhinus umbratus (ear length 15 mm), Platyrrhinus umbratus (skull length 26.3 mm), Platyrrhinus umbratus (skull width 15 mm), Platyrrhinus umbratus (upper tooth row length 10 mm), Saccopteryx canescens (forearm length 37.5 mm), Saccopteryx canescens (skull length 13.7 mm), Saccopteryx canescens (condylobasal length 11.3 mm), Saccopteryx canescens (skull width 7.7 mm), Saccopteryx canescens (upper tooth row length 4.7 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (head and body length 115 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (tail length 80 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (hind foot length 25 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (ear length 18 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (skull length 29 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (condyloincisive length 26.5 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (skull width 17 mm), Sigmodon alstoni (upper tooth row length 5 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (head and body length 412 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (tail length 27 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (hind foot length 90 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (ear length 62 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (skull length 80 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (condyloincisive length 72.5 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (skull width 37.5 mm), Sylvilagus floridanus (upper tooth row length 15.2 mm)