Full citation
W. H. Osgood. 1916. Mammals of the Collins-Day South American expedition. Field Museum of Natural History, Zoology 10:199-216 [ER 1486]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2015-11-15
Samples: none
Size measurements: Akodon dayi (total body length 198 mm), Akodon dayi (head and body length 119 mm), Akodon dayi (tail length 79 mm), Akodon dayi (hind foot length 26 mm), Akodon dayi (skull length 30.8 mm), Akodon dayi (skull width 15.6 mm), Akodon dayi (upper tooth row length 4.9 mm), Akodon lutescens (total body length 169 mm), Akodon lutescens (tail length 75 mm), Akodon lutescens (hind foot length 20 mm), Akodon varius (total body length 203 mm), Akodon varius (head and body length 108 mm), Akodon varius (tail length 95 mm), Akodon varius (hind foot length 26 mm), Artibeus anderseni (head and body length 45 mm), Artibeus anderseni (hind foot length 10 mm), Artibeus anderseni (forearm length 35 mm), Artibeus anderseni (skull length 18.2 mm), Artibeus anderseni (skull width 11 mm), Artibeus anderseni (upper tooth row length 5.8 mm), Calomys boliviae (total body length 200 mm), Calomys boliviae (head and body length 122 mm), Calomys boliviae (tail length 78 mm), Calomys boliviae (hind foot length 23 mm), Calomys boliviae (upper tooth row length 4.1 mm), Lagidium peruanum (total body length 320 mm), Lagidium peruanum (tail length 280 mm), Lagidium peruanum (hind foot length 90 mm), Lagidium peruanum (ear length 65 mm), Lama glama (skull length 290 mm), Lama glama (skull width 146 mm), Molossus molossus (total body length 103 mm), Molossus molossus (tail length 38 mm), Molossus molossus (hind foot length 11 mm), Molossus molossus (forearm length 39 mm), Oecomys mamorae (total body length 333 mm), Oecomys mamorae (total body length 328 mm), Oecomys mamorae (head and body length 149 mm), Oecomys mamorae (head and body length 147 mm), Oecomys mamorae (tail length 184 mm), Oecomys mamorae (tail length 181 mm), Oecomys mamorae (hind foot length 27 mm), Oecomys mamorae (hind foot length 27 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (total body length 215 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (head and body length 104 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (tail length 111 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (hind foot length 26 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (ear length 14 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (skull length 26.8 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (skull width 13.5 mm), Oligoryzomys microtis (upper tooth row length 3.6 mm), Proechimys brevicauda (head and body length 259 mm), Proechimys brevicauda (head and body length 243 mm), Proechimys brevicauda (hind foot length 50 mm), Proechimys brevicauda (hind foot length 47.5 mm), Proechimys brevicauda (skull length 57.8 mm), Proechimys brevicauda (skull length 60.2 mm), Saimiri collinsi (total body length 660 mm), Saimiri collinsi (head and body length 249 mm), Saimiri collinsi (tail length 411 mm), Saimiri collinsi (hind foot length 86 mm), Saimiri collinsi (skull length 63.6 mm), Saimiri collinsi (skull width 37.3 mm), Saimiri collinsi (upper tooth row length 12.8 mm)