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B. D. Patterson, V. Pacheco, and S. Solari. 1996. Distribution of bats along an elevational gradient in the Andes of south-eastern Peru. Journal of Zoology 240:637-658 [ER 1285]
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Samples: none
Size measurements: Anoura caudifer (body mass 10.5 g), Anoura cultrata (body mass 16 g), Anoura geoffroyi (body mass 12.7 g), Artibeus anderseni (body mass 11 g), Artibeus cinereus (body mass 12.8 g), Artibeus glaucus (body mass 12.7 g), Artibeus gnomus (body mass 11.5 g), Artibeus lituratus (body mass 74.8 g), Artibeus obscurus (body mass 37 g), Artibeus planirostris (body mass 59.3 g), Carollia brevicauda (body mass 14.2 g), Carollia castanea (body mass 11.6 g), Carollia perspicillata (body mass 17.7 g), Chiroderma salvini (body mass 30.5 g), Chiroderma trinitatum (body mass 17 g), Chiroderma villosum (body mass 25.4 g), Choeroniscus intermedius (body mass 7.9 g), Choeroniscus minor (body mass 10.5 g), Chrotopterus auritus (body mass 84.4 g), Cormura brevirostris (body mass 10.8 g), Desmodus rotundus (body mass 26 g), Diphylla ecaudata (body mass 34.8 g), Enchisthenes hartii (body mass 15.8 g), Eptesicus brasiliensis (body mass 11.6 g), Eptesicus furinalis (body mass 9.2 g), Furipterus horrens (body mass 3.2 g), Glossophaga commissarisi (body mass 9.3 g), Glossophaga soricina (body mass 8.7 g), Lasiurus ega (body mass 12.7 g), Lionycteris spurrelli (body mass 8.7 g), Lonchophylla thomasi (body mass 7.2 g), Lophostoma brasiliense (body mass 12 g), Lophostoma silvicolum (body mass 27.9 g), Macrophyllum macrophyllum (body mass 9 g), Mesophylla macconnelli (body mass 8.4 g), Micronycteris brachyotis (body mass 10.6 g), Micronycteris hirsuta (body mass 15 g), Micronycteris megalotis (body mass 7.1 g), Micronycteris minuta (body mass 8.5 g), Micronycteris schmidtorum (body mass 6.1 g), Mimon crenulatum (body mass 16.4 g), Molossus molossus (body mass 17.9 g), Myotis albescens (body mass 5.7 g), Myotis keaysi (body mass 6.7 g), Myotis nigricans (body mass 5.9 g), Myotis riparius (body mass 5.7 g), Myotis simus (body mass 8.9 g), Noctilio albiventris (body mass 25.8 g), Noctilio leporinus (body mass 61.8 g), Nyctinomops laticaudatus (body mass 9.7 g), Peropteryx kappleri (body mass 8.1 g), Phylloderma stenops (body mass 50.6 g), Phyllostomus elongatus (body mass 37.3 g), Phyllostomus hastatus (body mass 95 g), Platyrrhinus brachycephalus (body mass 16.6 g), Platyrrhinus dorsalis (body mass 27 g), Platyrrhinus helleri (body mass 12.8 g), Platyrrhinus infuscus (body mass 43 g), Platyrrhinus lineatus (body mass 23.9 g), Rhinophylla pumilio (body mass 11.3 g), Rhynchonycteris naso (body mass 3.2 g), Saccopteryx bilineata (body mass 8 g), Saccopteryx leptura (body mass 5.1 g), Sphaeronycteris toxophyllum (body mass 14.8 g), Sturnira erythromos (body mass 17.4 g), Sturnira lilium (body mass 21.7 g), Sturnira magna (body mass 48.1 g), Sturnira oporaphilum (body mass 22.1 g), Sturnira tildae (body mass 28 g), Thyroptera tricolor (body mass 4.9 g), Tonatia bidens (body mass 29.7 g), Trachops cirrhosus (body mass 36.5 g), Uroderma bilobatum (body mass 19.1 g), Uroderma magnirostrum (body mass 20.4 g), Vampyressa melissa (body mass 13.9 g), Vampyressa pusilla (body mass 8.8 g), Vampyriscus bidens (body mass 13 g), Vampyriscus nymphaea (body mass 14 g), Vampyrodes caraccioli (body mass 34.6 g), Vampyrum spectrum (body mass 166 g)