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A. P. Cruz-Neto, T. Garland Jr, and A. S. Abe. 2001. Diet, phylogeny, and basal metabolic rate in phyllostomid bats. Zoology 104:49-58 [ER 1270]
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Samples: none
Size measurements: Anoura caudifer (body mass 11.3 g), Artibeus fimbriatus (body mass 63.9 g), Artibeus lituratus (body mass 69.7 g), Carollia perspicillata (body mass 13.9 g), Chiroderma doriae (body mass 19.9 g), Platyrrhinus lineatus (body mass 22.3 g), Sturnira tildae (body mass 20.5 g), Vampyressa pusilla (body mass 8.8 g)